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Activated Charcoal for Root Canal, Jaw Infection

Jaw Infection

Jaw infection question:

I had a root canal fail and an extraction didn’t help. Have you ever healed anyone of jaw bone infection? – Christine


Hello Christine

Thank you for contacting us.

The way charcoal principally works is to remove toxins produced by microbes that trigger infections, pain, swelling, inflammation,…teeth Jaw Infection

We have had some people with severe tooth infections that were helped with charcoal dressings in the mouth or applied on the outside as poultices.

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I would suggest making a thick charcoal jelly with flax seed meal and placing it against the gum and the infection site. Or you could make a poultice and apply it to the cheek area. You have to be persistent. You cannot give up after one or two or three treatments.
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If you live in some parts of the States and you can find some smartweed, you can crush the leaves and mix it with charcoal and water and use that effectively for the pain.

I hope this is helpful. If I can be of more help please email me.

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