Activated Charcoal Saved Our Dog, Tommy from Kidney & Liver Failure

Activated Charcoal Saved Our Dog, Tommy from Kidney & Liver Failure Marci and her husband have 3 dogs who recently rifled through the neighbor’s garbage and consumed some questionable contents along with rotten fish. Two of the three dogs threw up the contents of their stomach and continued to recover without much event. Tommy on the other hand, had a very different and scary experience. He quit eating entirely, and Marci knew she needed to take him to the vet ASAP. Kidney and Liver Failure Tommy’s blood work determined that his white blood cell count was extremely elevated and that there was urea in his blood. The doctor also explained […]

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Detox Fruit with Activated Charcoal – Produce Wash

100% Natural Produce wash With Activated Charcoal We don’t always have access to fresh organic produce and for some that can greatly influence what they  buy at the markets. You also have to wonder what might be inside all of those chemical based produce washes that you see at the stores. Isn’t the point of washing your produce to get rid of the nasty stuff? Here at charcoal house we have an amazing Super Natural Remedy for detoxing produce. Detox your fruits and vegetables easily with just two ingredients, Charcoal House’s Activated Charcoal Powder and water. This simple and completely natural produce wash can rid your fruits and vegetables of […]

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