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For questions and help on using activated charcoal please feel free to opt-in using text messaging. We will answer your questions daily and submit new content to review on a weekly basis. Only opt-in to the categories you want to see, or see them all. Home, Health, Beauty, Animals, Gardens, and Customer Support.

4 thoughts on “Contact Us ✉

  1. I am wearing one of your charcoal masks for an 8 hr shift at work because of the corona virus. At the end of my shift my lungs feel so heavy and sore that I am concerned. Is this normal? I have to wear this mask or I can’t work. Any suggestions? I don’t want to harm my lungs by continuing to wear this mask.

  2. I enjoyed reading your site as I am seriously planning on getting on activated charcoal, hoping it will help some with my many ailments. I have been doing what I can for years now trying to get my health back.

  3. Does charcoal actually bind to heavy metals and if so, which ones? Alumnium, lead, etc….

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