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Q & A: Dental infections from implants and bone grafting (How to use Activated Charcoal?)


I really would need your advice. I had a long bridge fell off. The dentist said that my last tooth is decayed and need to be pulled out. Later on started the first step of implant,bone grafting. It didn’t go well. I had several infections, and severe inflammation. 7 months later the bone cut through the gum ridge with a very bad inflammation. The dentist had to cut up the gum ridge and remove the bone. After this 2 more times had infections. They probably fractured the jawbone and the infection is in my jawbone, I am very sick, tired, my heart is very week, I had brain fog. I do not want to go back to the dentist. Please help me and advice me what to do. I read great success stories on your website. I am a 55 year old woman. Thank You!  Lauren


Hi Lauren, I am so sorry to hear of your suffering with your teeth and ongoing infections.
There are some amazing testimonies of charcoal helping with dental infections and I personally can attest to the benefit of using activated charcoal for this reason.tooth - Q & A: Dental infections from implants and bone grafting (How to use Activated Charcoal?)
To start with it will be very helpful to take the charcoal internally as a detox and for whatever toxins are getting into your system because of the infections. This will help you with the brain fog. You can take it one of two ways:
1.    Take a tsp or tablespoon of activated charcoal powder in a large glass of water three times a day or
2.    Take a two quart of water in a large jar and put in 3 tsp or tablespoons of activated charcoal (I highly recommend the Detox 1600) cap tightly and shake well.  Use this as your drinking throughout the day making sure that you shake each time as charcoal is not soluble and it will sink to the bottom of the jar.
This will give your body a good start to what it is dealing with.  Now for your mouth:
You can make a charcoal putty that you can form and apply directly to the inside of the mouth to the affected areas, the whole inside if necessary. To make the charcoal putty go to here: and scroll down to the third video which says ‘How To Make a Charcoal Patch.’  I recommend following the recipe exactly and have patience in stirring the ingredients, it will eventually start to gel and pull away from the glass or container that you are using to make the putty.  Once it is pliable, apply it directly inside your mouth and also on the outside on your cheeks and along the jaw line. One time I had an abscess that was so huge and painful that I could not put anything inside my mouth because of the pain, so I topically applied a huge poultice (the second video) over the abscess on the outside cheek and left it on overnight, you can read about here:  For topical applications such as poultices, patches, foot soaks and baths I use the Hardwood Activated Charcoal powder.
Anyway, you want to apply the charcoal putty every evening before going to bed and you can put fresh putty on in the morning in the worst areas.
You can also do a technique called oil pulling with charcoal and coconut oil, where you swish the charcoal and oil in your mouth to adsorb the toxins and poisons, more info on oil pulling & a DIY toothpaste here.   When oil pulling, I find that the best thing to do is to sit down and do it so you are focused on the swishing and pulling, otherwise, I found that if I do the dishes or other housework, I quit the swishing and it just sits there.  It is generally recommended to oil pull for about 20 minutes a day and this is good, but if you can do it longer, upwards to 40 minutes at a time, this is even better. The more you do it the faster the results. Gently swish and gently pull as you do want the charcoal bring too much of the infection out at one time.  One of the bonuses of swishing with charcoal and coconut oil is sparkling white teeth!
As for your heart, it would be a good idea to put a charcoal poultice or patch over your heart every night.  The charcoal patch would most likely be the easiest to manage, but both are going to work, whichever you prefer. What is nice about the patches is that you can make several of them ahead of time and keep in the freezer.
OK, that is a lot to chew on. Please note that we are not doctors and that this is not to be considered as medical advise, always check with your medical provider/s before starting a new program. Also I  like to remind people that activated charcoal does not discriminate between poisons, so if you are on any medications, it is most likely that the charcoal will adsorb them, so again please check with your health care provider before moving forward.
Please keep me posted to your progress. May good health soon be yours again.
Kind regards, Kimberly
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