Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe?

Can Charcoal Toothpaste Wear Away Enamel? It’s time to clear away the smoke from dental “experts” on the efficacy of charcoal in toothpaste. With all due respect to dentists and dental techs, there is a good deal of ‘professional’ misinformation along with all the false hype over the surge in charcoal enthusiasm. In this article we address two major concerns which are being debated around the world in Men’s Health Magazine and HuffPost. Those questions being, “Can the Charcoal wear away tooth enamel?” and Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe? Activated Charcoal Basic Background Yes, charcoal is classed as the ‘Universal’ antidote for poisoning, yes, it is a commercial/industrial cleaner of thousands […]

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Letter from Pastor James

We recently received this inspirational note from pastor James. He runs an orphanage and school in Uganda. He has become a medical missionary in his area sharing the great benefits of charcoal. “Dear Brother John, These images are of a recent patient’s wounds I treated using charcoal. The wound(s) are due to syphilis. I interchange the treatment with garlic mixed with honey. The scars on the leg indicate the healing of the rest of the wounds. After the healing wounds have healed, then will follow the herbal treatment of syphilis itself from the body. I have so far helped many people in our community by giving them treatment in this […]

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Rattlesnake Bite 250x150 - Charcoal for Rattlesnake Bites: What To Do When A Snake Bites Your Dog

Charcoal for Rattlesnake Bites: What To Do When A Snake Bites Your Dog

It seems every summer we get frantic inquiries if charcoal will help with rattlesnake bites on dogs, which if left untreated, can be deadly.  So what do you do when the snake bites and the venom flows, and you’re freaking out? If you have charcoal on hand you should immediately prepare both a poultice or a charcoal gel along with a charcoal slurry using Vet Detox Powder, here’s how: Prepare A Charcoal Poultice To Treat A Snake Bite Topically The poultice needs to cover not only the immediate bite, but at least two to three inches diameter from the center of the wound. Place the charcoal poultice on the affected […]

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Shoulder Pain 250x150 - Charcoal Relieves Shoulder Pain after Hysterectomy

Charcoal Relieves Shoulder Pain after Hysterectomy

Using Charcoal Poultices After Surgery Chris, a previous employee and friend of Charcoal House emails us one day, with a testimony to share on our blog: So… My Mom just had a major operation (hysterectomy). It was her first operation ever. We were all pretty nervous as she’s getting up there in age (70). Anyway, long story short, everything went well, but her only complaint on the way home was that her shoulders hurt more than anything else. I thought to myself, ‘What kind of operation was this? Did they just leave her in an uncomfortable position which led to this shoulder pain?’ Eight hours later, it is almost midnight […]

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Tooth Extraction Causes Infection from Tearing of Sinus Tube

Which Charcoal Powder Should I Use For A Gum Infection, Caused From The Tearing of A Sinus Tube?

Hannah asks: For an infection on the face, that stems from an extracted tooth tearing a sinus tube, would you use the Topical First Aid Hardwood charcoal or the Beauty Bamboo charcoal powder? I want to use it on my face and the inside of my mouth. Which one is best for my needs?  What about the Detox & Cleanse Activated Charcoal Powder? Can I use that?  Is it strong enough to be used topically for drawing out toxins and impurities from deep tissue? Also, with the Detox & Cleanse, do I use the ground flax seed as a binder in the mouth, just as I would on the skin? […]

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FB Scours3 267x150 - UAA Gel for Scours In Cattle

UAA Gel for Scours In Cattle

A Humble Cattle Ranch My husband Joe and I run a 300 head cattle ranch just south of Crawford, NE. Both of us were raised on a ranch, so we have known from the get-go, that ranching isn’t for the faint of heart. Ranchers and farmers know all too well, that the hours are long and unpredictable and everything seems to break at the worst possible time. We pray time and time again for moisture and time and time again for endurance during long, cold nights of calving. We do our best to control outcomes, whether it be cattle performance or preventing a sickness, only to be reminded that really, […]

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FB Horse1 267x150 - Detoxing Horses from Heavy Metals

Detoxing Horses from Heavy Metals

Courtney recently wrote us the following: Hello, I recently did a hair analysis on one of our competition horses, and it came back showing that he was very high in several heavy metals, which were Iron, Chromium, Lithium, Aluminum, Arsenic, and mainly Lead. We tested other horses on the same property and on a similar diet, and they didn’t have these high levels, so we are guessing he’s been dealing with this overload since before we purchased him. We use activated charcoal for ourselves for detox and I’ve read articles on detoxing horses high in heavy metals, but I am struggling to find dosages. Can you offer any insight or […]

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