Using Activated Charcoal to Brush Teeth with Crowns and Fillings

Using Activated Charcoal to Brush Teeth (crowns)

Question on Crowns and brushing with charcoal:

I need to know if someone has had work done in his or her mouth, such as bridges, crowns etc… can those persons use activated charcoal to whiten their teeth?
Please let me know.tooth crowns
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Hi Serge. I have personally had crowns and white fillings on my teeth and I use the charcoal almost daily to whiten my teeth, no problems, just healthy and white teeth.  🙂

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Hope this helps!
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  1. I have the old silver/mercury fillings, does anyone know if brushing with activated charcoal will affect them? They obviously are metal, so I’m not sure if the charcoal will affect them. Possibly mess them up or deteriorate them? Thanks!

  2. i have fillings at the front of my teeth and 1 crown due to smoking and being a coffee drinker they have discoloured will activated charcoal whiten them?

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