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Charcoal for Gum and Jaw Bone Infection

Lyme disease and Bartonella, causing infection.


I am hoping to heal an infection in my gums and jawbone. I have Lyme disease and Bartonella, causing infection and dead bone in my jawbone, among other things. I’ve had 28 surgeries on my jawbone and lost all of my teeth.

I’ve read some of your posts on healing dental infections. My challenge is 1) I’m targeting the entire mouth/gum line, not just one or two small areas and 2) I have no teeth to help hold the charcoal poultice between the cheek and the gums. Any thoughts? I have to imagine there have been others who have tried to treat gum disease throughout their entire mouth.

The other day I saw long skinny tea bags used for standing loose tea in cups of hot water. I’m wondering about putting charcoal inside the long tea bags and shaping them along my gums. Would the charcoal work inside the tea bags? I need intense drawing power.

I suppose the other option is to make a gel and just hold a big mouthful of it for an hour or so. Any other thoughts?face 2 300x181 - Charcoal for Gum and Jaw Bone Infection


Hi Page.

I agree with you that the charcoal could prove to be very beneficial in getting rid of the infection in your mouth. You could actually start with charcoal/oil pulling. Mix well one equal part of coconut oil to one equal part of charcoal powder or two parts coconut oil to one part charcoal powder. I find that the latter is better for me as when it is half oil and half charcoal, it is a little too thick and sort of gags me, but of course the more charcoal the better. Because I take the Detox 1600 on a daily basis, this is the one that I use when oil pulling, but please note that any of our food grade activated charcoal powders will work extremely well for this. Take one heaping teaspoon of the charcoal oil mixture and swish in your mouth for twenty to forty minutes at a time, the longer and more often the better. Ideally, you would do this three times a day, but at least morning and evening. Remember to swish, I find that if I start to do something else I forget to swish and the movement of the charcoal oil in your mouth is helpful.

You can also make a mixture of the charcoal powder and psyllium seed husk powder. The charcoal becomes like a putty (do you remember silly putty?) and you can easily form it and keep it in your mouth as long as you can stand it. I have done this for an abscess, but I have teeth to hold it in place, I would think that if you have a full mouthful of this stuff that after awhile it could get annoying. To watch me make the charcoal putty click here.

Also, you could suck on the charcoal tablets when you are not doing the charcoal oil or the charcoal putty. Just pop one in one right after another and this way you would have charcoal in your mouth at all times. One of the beauties of activated charcoal is that once it has adsorbed a toxic substance it will not let it go, so say the charcoal adsorbed something really nasty and you swallow the charcoal, the activated charcoal will not let the toxin go, so even though the transit time in your intestines is several days, your body cannot reabsorb the toxin, the charcoal will hang onto until it is expelled from your body.

When you do your charcoal oil pulling just before going to bed, do not rinse your mouth so that the charcoal oil sits on your gums all night long. Yes, you will stain your pillow cases, but it is all in the name of health. My pillow cases look pretty crummy as I drink a thick charcoal slurry just before I go to bed every evening and I do not rinse either. The activated charcoal helps keep my gums strong and what remains on my teeth actually helps whiten them while I sleep, it is a win, win.

Also, for your jaw bone, you could make a charcoal poultice and place it over your jaw and sleep with it all night long. The activated charcoal can pull toxins and poisons from deep tissue, so it would be an excellent treatment as well. Please see here how I placed and kept a charcoal poultice in place while I slept.

One final note would be to mention our charcoal cream. You could use it as a facial for your skin, however, applying it onto the lower half of your face and leaving it on all day if possible would be ideal however you might not want to answer the door if you do have it on! The cream is very moisturizing so it will not dry your skin, yet we put a lot of activated charcoal in it so it can pull toxins all day in conjunction with your charcoal oil swishing, or while you have your charcoal putty in or sucking on charcoal tablets.

I hope that this will give you a good starting point, perhaps you can come up with even more ideas. The more aggressive and faithful you are the more likely you will see improvement in your gum and jaw bone health. Please note that if you are going to be taking the charcoal internally, such as in the charcoal tablets or taking an actual charcoal slurry, that activated charcoal does not discriminate between poisons, so if you are on any prescription medications or over the counter drugs, you need to check with your health care provider first, as charcoal will most likely adsorb your medications making them to be of no effect.

Please keep us posted as to your progress as we would love to hear back from you if this worked or not. Wishing you the very best of health. Kimberly

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One thought on “Charcoal for Gum and Jaw Bone Infection

  1. Wow, Paige your are an inspiration! I’m so glad I read your short story. I pray I do not make anyone mad, but there are a few things (a lot really) that may help along with charcoal poultices/charcoal usage.

    I have used AC poultices in the mouth with psyllium seed husk powder (I make mine really thick with for this purpose)…I have used thin linen material for this at times. One can add cayenne and or Himalayan salt to quicken (at least it does for other things as well in the mouth) the job a bit quicker before I spit or remove them. ***Please use caution on cayenne, may be very wise, if you wish, to begin with such a tiny amount and work up, if desired.

    Organic potatoes in alternating with AC poultices. [an initial surgery went bad] Wow, over a year ago, there was someone in town with a few serious infections in their mouth. The surgeon even gave them his number for the weekend, and they had strict instructions to update him etc. They wanted me to come over and show them some things. One of them was the potato poultices. It only took a few minutes and things began to drain ~ with more poultices as well ~ they had to call the surgeon immediately and went in… and the story is an awesome one! Surgeon was impressed.

    There are herbs as well, that I’ve too seen ~ amazingly well! with bad infections. I ALWAYS USED AFTER AND BEFORE CHARCOAL POULTICES I DO.

    There is a great dentist in Texas (I’m sure there are more) that is really on-top with infections in the jaw bone. Just ask and I’ll pass that along to you. They even (the whole staff) pray for all their patients and themselves before they open/begin their day. Incredible staff!

    [Ummm… I do not know how to say this, but it may be very wise to reach out to the dentists in Texas, jaw surgeries, are NOT something to take lightly, it just may be VERY wise to contact them]

    I’m not a doctor, this is only information to read:). I’m just a person that loves to see sick people get well:).

    Be greatly blessed Paige, from our Father in Heaven, giving unto you wisdom beyond your years and insight that makes your health leap for joy ~ an endurance through the rest of your days to take back your health:).

    Some poultices I believe should be used on the outside of the jaw/mouth/chin as well. I’ve seen amazing results before. Amazing what can be pulled out from the outside too:).

    I pray I didn’t say anything wrong or offend,

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