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Your Charcoal Eye Pad for Macular Degeneration

Charcoal Eye Pad

Macular Degeneration Question:

I would like to order charcoal eye pad for my mom. She was recently diagnosed with macular degeneration.  Do you think if this product will bring her some relief?
Also does it contain insert able pad with charcoal or will I have to order it separately.?
Thanks.  Roman


Hi Roman.

We have an amazing testimony where an elderly woman in her late eighties with a very severe case of macular degeneration, used the eye pads and her eye sight improved so much that she is now reading and light gardening again!Eye Pad Natural Color 1 300x300 - Your Charcoal Eye Pad for Macular Degeneration

In other words, yes, I do believe it will give your mother some serious relief.

The eye pads are complete as is, you do no need to purchase a refill to start with. However, when people have eye diseases, we recommend changing the insert every two months. There is a zipper on the eye pad which allows you to wash the eye pad (not the insert) as needed.

Please call if you have further questions, I would be happy to assist you over the phone.

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Kind regards, Kimberly

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  1. Wow was unaware of this additional use for activated charcoal. I seem to learn something new everyday about this wonderful product. Can this be refilled with anything other than the specified refills you linked to here? Thanks again for the informative post and site. I love your work!!

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