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Charcoal Dosages – Gout, Triglycerides, Sinus, Kidneys, Poultices

What Charcoal Dosages?

Charcoal Dosages question:

I am reading your book and like it very much, but I am having trouble.

I need more details than are included in your book so I can help myself and others. Your book tells about problems, but does not give dosages.

For instance my neighbor gets gout. It tells about soaking foot, but does not say how much charcoal to how much powder. Please tell me.

For sinus trouble and triglycerides how many caps should be taken each day?

Can you take caps instead of powder in water: How many caps for kidney disease?

We take herbs, vit, min. how can I take charcoal with these or should I wait. If I should wait, how long.

Can I take caps instead of slurry?

For gout in finger and wrist should I soak or use poultice?

I would appreciate it so much if you will answer these questions.

Thank you very, very much. I am anxiously awaiting your answer. Annette


Hello Annette
Thank you for contacting us.

Charcoal Dosages

As you have noted dosages are not given for most conditions. There are a few exceptions detox p62 poisoning p80 (our book here)

We studiously avoided dosages knowing that we have all been schooled to think that way. People are not all cut from the same mould. You have to be willing to experiment a little and listen to your body. In many cases people do not realize a benefit from using charcoal because they take too little and give up too soon.

It seems from our experience that you can take too little but, if you drink plenty of water, you can hardly take too much.

You will read the story of gout when I was on a remote Pacific island and I scraped charcoal off of fire burned shrubs and put that in a tub of warm water, then gave the man a few capsules of charcoal powder.

1-2 Tablespoons of charcoal powder in a footbath seems to be sufficient. I would soak your hands. You can make a charcoal patch with psyllium powder and wear it inside a “glove” at night.

Capsules or Powder?

You can take capsules instead of powder, but powder is more economical when using it regularly in large amounts.
Here is a good source for charcoal powder

To lower cholesterol and triglycerides go to p61
Also much more info on our website – use the SEARCH for specific questions

When people do not like to take charcoal internally we suggest poultices

For sinus I would recommend a light treatment or hydrotherapy. Chapter17 light treatment  p207
See video on light treatment and hot foot bath

There is a lot of mis-information on the internet about charcoal adsorbing nutrients.
You might want to check out these links.

I hope that is helpful. My advice is to just keep reading and studying and you will begin to get the big picture of how charcoal works.

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