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Is there any harm done to the patches if they become frozen? I put the package in refrigerator, but sometimes that top shelf gets extra cold and things sometimes freeze.

For the large charcoal patches which I received, the instructions say the patch can remain on the skin for up to 8 hrs. If the patch is worn overnight (about 8 hrs.), then removed, how long does one need to wait before applying a new patch?

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Are you new to using activated charcoal patches? There are ready made patches which are so easy and convenient and of course you can make your own patches as well. The first question usually is how long do I wear it?

Generally you can leave on the patch for eight to ten hours. I have actually left them on longer without any skin irritation but every ‘body’ reacts differently, so you need to listen to your own body and what it is telling you, but as a general guideline, eight to ten hours is ideal. I like putting the charcoal patches on just before going to bed as when the body is sleeping it is also healing more deeply. However, I have an old neck injury and the mornings I wake up and feel my neck discomfort, I apply a small patch and forget it about it until just before bedtime, so I am leaving it on upwards to 16 plus hours per application.

The next most common question is how to store them: I personally keep the ready made patches in the fridge, whether opened or not, to keep them at their freshest. Plus, keeping them in fridge where I can see them, reminds me to use them as needed and I know just where they are when I need one fast. The patches that I make myself I actually keep in the freezer. Wynn, a good customer of ours asked if freezing would affect the ready made patches. The ready made patches have essential oils in them, so I do not know how they would react to freezing but as far as the charcoal goes, freezing does not affect the effectiveness of charcoal at all.

After wearing a charcoal patch for eight or more hours it is always wise to give the skin a break and let it rest and breathe at least two to four hours before applying another patch or poultice for that matter.

If you have any other questions in regard to charcoal patches, please email us and I will do my best to answer them. Kimberly


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