Charcoal For The Hunt

It’s that time of year to gear up in preparation for the hunting season. We think it is time to touch base and remind our followers of tried and true methods of scent blocking with Activated Charcoal, Use Coupon Code HUNT10 to SAVE 10% on Any Coconut Ultra Fine Powder. Code is valid until Midnight on November 3rd, 2019 The Hunter’s Guide to Odor Control No matter the hunter, stealth and accuracy is a must. Some approaches require getting closer, and some game are harder to approach, especially deer. With many advantages, such as knowing their surroundings, a keen sense of smell, high auditory faculty, and impeccable sight, prey can […]

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New Product – Pure Non-Scents Heart Odor Sachet (Organic)

  A nontoxic heart filled with Pure NonScents® Activated Charcoal to indiscreetly remove offensive odors. Made with organic, color grown cotton that has been grown, manufactured, prewashed in non-chlorinated water and made with love, right here in the USA.  Love your space odor free? Then this heart’s for you! Made with pre-washed, organic color grown cotton (no dyes, no chemicals, soaps, think pure and scentless) grown and manufactured in the USA. We had the chemically sensitive in mind when making these, but know everyone will love them! Hang your nontoxic heart wherever there is a stinky, chemical, perfume, smoky, just downright nasty smells with a loving touch and no one […]

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Did you know charcoal removes skunk odor?

Mama & her lil Stinker Skunk Odor A couple of weeks ago: I had captured a moth in my kitchen, I opened the back door to escort him to the great outdoors. As I opened the door, I startled one of the skunks, she comes by nightly in search of cat food. She knew she was not in imminent danger, we are on a friendly basis with them, LOL. A little poof came out of her backend, which was fortunately facing the window instead of me! It didn’t seem too bad and it did not get in the house, so I did not do anything for it that evening. However, […]

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