skunk header 1060x444 - Did you know charcoal removes skunk odor?

Did you know charcoal removes skunk odor?

Mama & her lil Stinker

Skunk Odor

A couple of weeks ago: I had captured a moth in my kitchen, I opened the back door to escort him to the great outdoors. As I opened the door, I startled one of the skunks, she comes by nightly in search of cat food.

She knew she was not in imminent danger, we are on a friendly basis with skunk 22 1024x1024 - Did you know charcoal removes skunk odor?them, LOL.

A little poof came out of her backend, which was fortunately facing the window instead of me!

It didn’t seem too bad and it did not get in the house, so I did not do anything for it that evening. However, by morning, the skunk odor was emanating from the window well into our basement laundry room and it had to go.

Pure NonScents to the rescue! I went outside with my 2 lb jar that I keep under the kitchen sink. I poured at least one pound, onto the dirt in the window well. Wow, the smelled started to mitigate almost immediately. By the end of the day, we could not get a whiff of the skunk indoors or outdoors!

Thank you for reading & learning how to combat Skunk Odor.

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