Dumpster Diver Gers Relief from Acrtivated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal Saved Our Dog, Tommy from Kidney & Liver Failure

Activated Charcoal Saved Our Dog, Tommy from Kidney & Liver Failure

Marci and her husband have 3 dogs who recently rifled through the neighbor’s garbage and consumed some questionable contents along with rotten fish.

Two of the three dogs threw up the contents of their stomach and continued to recover without much event. Tommy on the other hand, had a very different and scary experience. He quit eating entirely, and Marci knew she needed to take him to the vet ASAP.

Kidney and Liver Failure

Tommy’s blood work determined that his white blood cell count was extremely elevated and that there was urea in his blood. The doctor also explained to Marci, that if Tommy continued not to eat, his organs would soon begin to shut down. Sadly, he was diagnosed with Kidney and Liver Failure.

Can Activated Charcoal Remove Urea From Blood?

Marci and her family are big activated charcoal fans, and the thought came to her that this might be the remedy for Tommy as well. That very evening, after the visit to the vet, she emailed CustomerSupport@BuyActivatedCharcoal.com to ask if charcoal would be a viable option for Tommy’s condition.VetDtox Lifestyle 7 300x300 - Activated Charcoal Saved Our Dog, Tommy from Kidney & Liver Failure

In the morning, Marci also phoned us, and we mentioned that the Vet Dtox Powder would be the ideal charcoal of choice for Tommy. We also shared the dosing for poisoning in animals, which is 1 TBS to every 30 lbs of body weight. The powder should be administered by mixing thoroughly in wet food or via syringe with water. Results obviously vary, but it is not uncommon to see quick results, if the culprit is toxin based, as charcoal’s claim to fame, is in adsorbing a wide array of chemicals, toxins and poisons.

Charcoal Treatment, the Days Following, and Our Thanks

Not having the Vet Detox in their cupboards, but already using the USP Detox and Cleanse Activated Charcoal for themselves, they began a series of treatments consisting of homeopathic remedies and allopathic treatments along with the charcoal. After just a few treatments with the charcoal, and after two weeks of not eating on his own, Tommy, with happy perked up ears, came into the kitchen looking for something to eat!

In Marci’s follow up email to us, she wrote: “he just got up and walked into the kitchen and said, “hey, feed me…I’m starved”…so sweetly…eyes bright and ears up” 🙂

Charcoal House would like to extend a big thank you to all the Marci’s out there that share their charcoal experiences with us. When you take the time to share your testimony, you have no idea how many people or animal friends you are going to help. Sharing your story is truly a gift that just keeps on giving. And…..being prepared by having activated charcoal on hand so

that you have it in time of need, is a gift you give yourself, your family and friends. For all your charcoal needs, please visit us at CharcoalHouse.com & BuyActivatedCharcoal.com and for more amazing stories like this and more, check out CharcoalRemedies.com and of course this blog, CharcoalTimes.com 

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