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Summer is just around the corner and with it often comes an increase of bumps, scrapes, and bruises on bare skin.  For the most part, these are just brief owies that are soon forgotten, but sometimes they turn into something much worse, such as an infection that refuses to heal.

Recently we received a testimony from a good friend in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia who shared the following:

    I just want to share this story with you, Kimberly….A friend’s husband was battling with a leg wound for several weeks. It was very deep and nasty looking. My friend was quite concerned so she made an appointment with the wound clinic where it was dug out and packed. After several weeks of treatment, it was not looking much better. I showed her your video on how to do a charcoal poultice. After 5 days of doing the poultice treatment, only a band-aid was needed to cover it.

When she took him back to the wound clinic for a follow-up appointment the Dr. was amazed when she told him how she healed it. He told her she needed to get a job at the clinic! (LOL)   Dale

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Why wait to see if your tumble is going to turn into something nasty and uncomfortable?  Be prepared with our hardwood activated charcoal powder so you can make a simple charcoal poultice (bandage made with charcoal gel) or you could use our easy to use Charcoal Salve Stick. The Charcoal Salve Stick is not only for minor wounds and bruises but also for insect bites such as ticks, spiders and mosquitoes and even for snake bites. As soon as a critter bites, smear it on and immediately the charcoal will start to adsorb the toxins to aid in preventing it from entering your bloodstream and is helpful in stopping the itch in its tracks and the inflammation from taking hold.

One of charcoal’s many amazing properties is that it is not affected by the summer’s heat or winter’s cold. So, if your charcoal is left in the glove box in the car in steaming temps and suddenly you need it fast, no problem!  The salve stick might be super soft, but the charcoal will still work and perform well.

Be safe and be ready with charcoal in your First Aid Kit or pocket.

Happy Summer!

Charcoal House Team

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