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Question on using Activated Charcoal on Carpet for Cat Urine Smell…


Hello, I wonder if charcoal can get rid of cat urine smell. Other products, even those claiming enzymatic action, use a fragrance cover-up that smells worse than the cat. Then I thought of charcoal–I’ve tried baking soda, salt, and vinegar, but still, the smell isn’t gone. I’ve never had my kitties do this before, so I think I’ve tried everything so far. Can you tell me if your charcoal would work for this purpose, and how much I would need to buy? Unfortunately, he did it on the carpet in two places, so it is a rather large area in total, about 9-10 square feet.
Thanks for the help!


Hi Marsha.
Yes, the Pure Non-Scents will work on the cat odor, however, it gets a little tricky using it on carpet.

I am assuming that you have shampooed the carpet and the cat urine smell still lingers, if that is correct, the Pure Non-Scents is a pure and very clean activated charcoal, but it can still rub off on to the carpet and stain it, and the most ideal application charcoal for cat urine smell - Charcoal for Cat Urine Smellin this case is to put the Pure Non-Scents directly onto where the cat peed. However, we have come up with a simple way to put it on without wrecking your carpet if you are careful, but no guarantees.
Just put down some cheese cloth over the affected area and then pour the Pure Non-Scents down on top of the cheese cloth. Most likely it will cover the odor right away, but you have to leave it there, it is just covering the odor, it will take at least two weeks, preferably three weeks for the Pure Non-Scents to fully adsorb the odor. You might be able to get by with the 2 quart size, just use all of it, otherwise, if you get two of them, then you will definitely have enough.
Of course you won’t be able to use the area that you have it down on as you don’t want to walk on it, is that possible? I did this for a mouse smell, but it was in the basement and I didn’t have carpet, I was able to pour down right on the floor and leaving it there for three weeks was no problem. However, we have people do this on their carpet, but again, if it is a really light color, you might want to test this out in a corner or a closet first.
Let me know if this sounds doable to you and if you have any other questions.

Reply from Marsha:

Kimberly, thank you so much for your suggestions. Yes, the carpet is light beige. I’m going to think about this to try and figure out how this could work. One of the places is, unfortunately, right at the front door, and the other is by my bed where I get in and out. I can’t think of two worse places! I’m thinking if I bought some tulle (wedding veil material) and then sewed a mat of the right size for each area, and then filled it with the charcoal and laid that on the areas….
I really appreciate your help, as it has given me some ideas to think about–and maybe a little hope thrown in.

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