building a rainwater filter system using gravity. - Rainwater filter system

Rainwater filter system

Building a rainwater filter system using gravity.


Hi, I am building a rainwater filter system using gravity. Basically a barrel (55gal.) with layers of gravel, sand and charcoal to filter the rain water before it goes into storage tank (2500gal.). I am not sure which type or size needed. Could you please give me some options on what you have. I would like to buy 15# plus or whatever makes sense for saving money. I have three systems ranging from 2500 to 25000 gal. tanks. The large tank 25000 gal. has had some tannin’s from oaks trees covering the roof of the house that collects the water! One real big glass of oak water, not real good!!
Thank You , Allanrainwater filtration - Rainwater filter system


Hello Allan
If you plan to put all the layers in one barrel then the water needs to enter from the bottom through the gravel first, then the sand and last through the charcoal. I would recommend a layer of a fine nylon mesh fabric that will not decompose, between the layers.

The granular charcoal you will want to use for rainwater would be the GAC coconut 8×16 mesh

For the tannins you can also add the GAC wood based 8×16 mesh.

One consideration is how fast the rainwater is flowing through the tank. In a downpour, the flow may be too fast for the 8×16 and you may need to go with the finer GAC 12×30 mesh.

I hope that is helpful.
Please let me know how it works for you.
John Dinsley

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