Detox Fruit with Activated Charcoal – Produce Wash

100% Natural Produce wash With Activated Charcoal We don’t always have access to fresh organic produce and for some that can greatly influence what they  […]

Charcoal for Cat Urine Smell

Cat Urine Smell in Carpet: Can you tell me if your charcoal would work for this purpose, and how much I would need to buy?

Remove Allergens and Airborne Molds

Yes, activated charcoal is ideal to remove allergens and airborne molds and no it is not restricted to bamboo activated charcoals. In fact……………

Q & A: On Removing Odors from Sofa

Removing Odor. Question:  Hi there, I sublet my apartment for a year and foolishly left my beautiful sofa behind.  I can easily replace the slipcover […]