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Charcoal for removing furniture odor

Removing furniture odor

Question on Furniture Odor:
We bought a house that had a bad odor in the basement. I hung bags of charcoal around the basement, and the smell has improved greatly.
Then I bought a 2nd hand lazy boy chair, but when I got it into my house, the body odors of the previous owner has taken over the smell of the room. So I have a bowl of charcoal under the chair at this time, but am wondering if I can sprinkle the charcoal directly on the fabric for a period of time. And how long would I need to use the charcoal for this situation? -Bonnie


Hi Bonnie.
Good question!  Applying the Pure Non-Scents® directly to the fabric of the chair is where you are going to get your best and fastest results. However, you do not want to get any charcoal onto the fabric, so this is what I would suggest:

How to

Cover the fabric on the chair with a clean cloth that that has no scents to it such as laundry soap or any other perfume fragrance.  Then just pour the Pure Non-Scents® over that and let it sit on it for at least a couple of weeks.  It will no doubt remove the smell to your nose immediately, but it will take time for it to completely adsorb the odor, so the longer you leave it on the better.
You can carefully pick up the cloth when you are done and reuse the Pure Non-Scents® as it is most unlikely that you have used up all of its surface area.
I hope this helps, please let me know what you decided to do!
Kind regards, Kimberly
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