Wildfire Smoke? PNS Face Mask offers Protection

Be ready, Breath easy.

Wildfire smoke.

If you are dealing with wildfire smoke, you need to protect yourself and loved ones NOW, with the PNS® Face Mask Ag+.

PNS® Ag+ Activated Carbon Cloth Face Masks allows you to breathe pure air in, when breathing outside is unpleasant, obnoxious or dangerously toxic.

The PNS® Ag+ CHARCOAL FACE MASK protects you from the unhealthy effects of toxic smoke. That is, toxic smoke from burning or smoldering buildings, vehicles, deceased remains and wildfires. These masks are made from the same material used in US Military and HAZMAT chemical warfare suits.

PNS® masks are reusable and washable, and if stored correctly will maintain their lifespan for up to 3 months or longer. Made in the USA.

Wildfire Smoke, Breath better!

Resource links on the dangers of wild fire smoke:

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wildfire smoke

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PNS® Face mask is great to have in your emergency kit, to go bags, bug out bags, so you can be ready and be protected.

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