lady reading - Using Activated Charcoal for UTI? Safety? How?

Using Activated Charcoal for UTI? Safety? How?

UTI & Charcoal question answered.

Question on UTI: Hello! I heard charcoal can help with UTIs, is that correct info?
Can it be used while trying to conceive?

A: Hi Mika. Yes, it has worked well for several people including myself for UTI’s.

There is an interesting story in the book Charcoal where on pages 94 & 95 where a young girl who had severe UTI’s since she was two and had a surgery where the doctor scraped the inside her bladder (ugh) and felt that she would need more surgeries. When the young girl was seven the mother gave her charcoal slurries for the first time and she has no longer had a UTI since….  🙂
Here is a detailed testimony from a 79 year old retired engineer with kidney failure that might be of interest to you.
In regard to your question on if you can use it when trying to conceive, click here and scroll down to ‘Charcoal Babies‘   🙂
Another idea to also use: Buchu leaf tea is amazing for UTI’s, see here & here.
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I hope this was of some help. Kind regards, Kimberly
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