haze - Q and A: Using Charcoal to stop odor in ostomy bags?

Q and A: Using Charcoal to stop odor in ostomy bags?


I am a 5 year cancer survivor and doing well, i have issues with odor in my pouch, i have a hard time dealing with it when in public, I have tried many products but it costs too much, on a fixed income, would your product be safe to use, eg, say I take a little of the charcoal and put it in the pouch every time i rinse, would this help, may i try a small sample please, thank you so much for reading.
looking forward to hearing from you , Francesco


Hello Francesco, I am so happy to hear that you are a cancer survivor that is doing well!

Absolutely, the charcoal will work like magic for pennies! It will literally stop the odor immediately. 🙂 We have had many customers use this for ostomy bags.

You can use the powder, but it is kind of messy. You can also use the Pure NonScents, which is also a food grade activated charcoal granular that is hazetotally safe to handle and you can pour it directly in the pouch and it will do the job without the mess of the powder. However, whichever you choose, it will work.

How much to use? Start with 2 Tablespoons and see if that does that trick, you can always add more if needed. (I say to start with two tablespoons, this would be for a larger ostomy bag, if you have a small one, then start with teaspoons and adjust as needed).

If you mix the powder with a little water and pour it into the pouch that would alleviate the ‘poofing’ when trying to put in the pouch, however, my recommendation however would be the Pure NonScents Odor Eliminator.

We unfortunately do have not have free samples to send but you can purchase the Hardwood Sample here and for a Pure NonScents Sample, I would recommend the ready made Pure NonScents Sachet that you can open and use for your purposes.

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Please keep us posted! Kimberly

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