deer - Q and A: Using Pure NonScents to keep Hunting Clothing Odor Free

Q and A: Using Pure NonScents to keep Hunting Clothing Odor Free

Hello, I recently ordered the 4 lb jug of the pure non scents activated charcoal to use in my weatherproof storage bins I put my hunting clothing in for scent control.  I ordered extra mesh bags and I have filled between 2-4 mesh bags per container (3/4 of the way full to allow for more movement of the charcoal and contact with air).  I was wondering how long these could be considered effective for?  In other words, how often should I empty the bags and fill them with fresh charcoal.
Thanks, Great product.  I have recommended it to many of my hunting buddies and they have all placed orders as well. Blaine

Hi Blaine, thank you for sharing Pure NonScents with your hunting buddies, we agree it is a great product for removing odors from hunting clothes and without adding one of its own, it is completely scentless! deer

The amount that you are using, it would seem that it would be good for one year, however, it would be a good idea that in six months (if you think of it, otherwise you will be OK) that you open up the bin and move the individual sachets around so that you are moving the activated charcoal that is on the outside of the bag to the inside, thereby freshening up.
I would replace the sachets every year, just to be on the safe side as deer have such an incredible sense of smell, but I would use the sachets that you used in your hunting bin in a closet or drawer somewhere as it no doubt still has a goodly amount of surface area for adsorbing more odors. Or you can just leave them in and then add freshly made Pure NonScents sachets in.
Make sure to also check out our blog post Activated Charcoal: Natural Odor Eliminator For Hunters.
I hope this helped but if I missed something, please let me know! 🙂


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