marina - Q & A: Pure NonScents Charcoal for Mothball Smell

Q & A: Pure NonScents Charcoal for Mothball Smell


I’m looking at your product for my boat.  I use mothballs to deter mice from coming in, but in the spring I’m left with moth balls.  In the past I’ve removed the mothballs and just let it air out, but that takes some time.  Will you product help with the duration?  Also, do I sprinkle the charcoal on the carpet and vacuum or do I use the satchels?


RYANPure Non-Scents 2qt 2lb jar 5 Sachets UPC609613486760


Hi  Ryan.
Yes, the Pure NonScents would be excellent to use to help rid the mothball smell more quickly.
You can use the sachets and you can pour it directly onto the carpet IF you don’t mind having some discoloring from the charcoal itself!  Charcoal can stain the carpet, otherwise I would stick with the sachets.
I hope this helped!
Kind regards, Kimberly
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  1. Which charcoal would I use for odour filter for my boats holding tanks. Air will pass through not water.

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