sunrise - Activated Charcoal: Natural Odor Eliminator For Hunters

Activated Charcoal: Natural Odor Eliminator For Hunters

Charcoal question answered.
I try to keep my deer hunting clothes (most contain activated carbon) scent free by storing them in a scent free storage tote. Would your product, “Natural Odor Eliminator” help further eliminate or reduce odors if I placed a sachet of the product in my storage containers? If this produce is helpful I would sunriseconsider placing it in other containers that hold other gear I take in the woods such as a backpack, etc.
Serious hunters, like myself, are overly concerned about keeping themselves; clothing and gear scent free. Some, if not all, would buy most anything that would provide an edge over a wary whitetail’s nose. If your product is as good as you state, here is yet another market for you.
I sincerely appreciate your time, thank you.
Hi Rob.
Yes, we sell to deer hunters all the time and they come back for our many activated charcoal products.
The Pure NonScents is the easiest to use for storing your clothes and putting in back packs. Each size of Pure Nonscents comes with five empty sachets for you to fill.
Some hunters are actually soaking their clothes in charcoal water, then they ‘do not’ rinse them, but wring them
out and hang to dry.  This way the fabric itself has the charcoal powder imbedded in it. You can use either hardwood or the ultra fine.  The ultra fine is a very fine powder with virtually no grit and it will make your clothes much blacker than the hardwood.
You may also be interested in the charcoal chair pads that people sit on while in the dear stands and also the charcoal pads for flatulence.  I recommend the oversized pad that you wear inside your undergarment (or you can tape it to the outside if you wish) as you don’t have to worry about positioning it carefully.  Of course if you have the pad, you don’t need the chair pad.
You might be interested in the non-scented charcoal soap as well as the hiking socks for personal body odor.
Let me know if you need further assistance.
Kind regards, Kimberly
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  1. I make a poultice for my arthritic knees every now and again.I mix slippery elm,charcoal and water to make a jell.Put it on a paper towel and fold over so the jell is on the inside.Place on knee,cover with Saran Wrap and secure with ace bandage.I also like to swallow about a tablespoon of the jell about 3x week for a detox.

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