man 3 - Using Activated charcoal to remove Fungus from the body.

Using Activated charcoal to remove Fungus from the body.

Using Activated charcoal to remove Fungus, Candida, Mold from the body.

Fungus Question:

What about mold in the body? Will Activated Charcoal remove mold (fungus) from the body? – Pamela


Hi Pamela.
Activated charcoal is anti fungal and anti bacterial.  Mold is a fungus and when referring to the external body we often refer to it as a skin fungus and the most common internal fungal condition that plagues humankind is known as candida.
I am going to assume that you are referring to candida?  On our info website,, you will find an article from the book Charcoal ‘The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and Its Applications‘, that quotes Richard Kaufman, PHD, a bio-nutritional chemist on the effectiveness of activated charcoal in treating candida, again you can find that article here:
On a personal note,

I have rid my body of candida by taking activated charcoal orally, with the DETOX 1600 USP, being my preferred charcoal.  I literally grew up on antibiotics, as I had strep throat infections from a little girl on, pretty much on a monthly basis. Back then, they would give me a two shots of antibiotics and then an oral prescription besides, crazy! Anyway, I never thought I would see the day that I would be free of my yeast infection (candida) but I am, thanks to activated charcoal. 🙂charcoal-salve

Of course if you are referring to a skin fungus, it is still helpful to take internally as well as applying topically in a form of cream or salve, which you can make yourself with just one part activated charcoal powder and one part coconut or buy ready made activated charcoal salve or cream.
Please note that activated charcoal does not discriminate between toxins, so if you are on any medications, it is most likely that it will adsorb them and make them of none effect, so it is wise to consult with your health care provider before using.  Check out our FAQ page and scroll down to: ‘Will activated charcoal affect my mediation?’

I hope this helped.


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