face - I Cured my Terrible Acne with Charcoal Magic Mud tooth powder

I Cured my Terrible Acne with Charcoal Magic Mud tooth powder

I Cured my Terrible Acne with Activated Charcoal.

Acne Testimonial: 

I have seen ZERO mention of it on the Internet as a modality, but I am 100% certain I cured my terrible acne with activated charcoal.
I bought My Magic Mud tooth powder at a farmers market two years ago and never used it
regularly because it was a mess. About a month ago I started using it daily in
the shower, like a toothpaste as directed, and within two days my skin was
clearing for the first time since I was a kid (I am 33). Within a week offace - I Cured my Terrible Acne with Charcoal Magic Mud tooth powder
using it daily, I had no pimples at all. I have never in my adult life been
If only I had thought to use the product in the shower two years ago! It was
only the mess that deterred me.
I also have noticed a corresponding drying of my lower sinuses, which had
maybe always been the slightest bit over-saturated before.
It’s so weird. I am so happy to have found this solution and hope to see it on
the Internet more. I always suspected my acne was related to my dental health
because NOTHING about my other habits or diet seemed to ever make a
difference. I had horrible acne if I ate a perfect raw diet or a microwaved
veggie burger diet.

Anyway, I saw your site talked about using charcoal topically for acne but I
think using it as an oral health tool has far reaching impacts for that
purpose too.



Hi Evie, we are so happy to hear your good results with activated charcoal for your acne!  We had something similar to a man who had multiple chemical sensitivities and he was using our face mask and it took care of a skin rash on his face and he too was just amazed.  Charcoal is simply amazing! 🙂
I am surprised that you were unable to find anything about taking activated charcoal orally for not only acne but all kinds of skin concerns  It just makes sense that it would work as activated charcoal’s claim to fame is that it adsorbs all kinds of toxins, chemicals and various poisons.  Your skin, being the bodies largest filter, should respond quite positively when those toxins are removed.
When I got serious about taking activated charcoal on a daily basis (I personally take the Detox 1600) one of the amazing perks was that almost all of my many dark (liver) spots  disappeared as well as my adult acne. I still have one stubborn spot by my right eye, but it has shrunk and faded considerably and hopefully will one day be gone for good.

More info

We also had a gentleman contact us a couple of years ago wondering why (I am bragging a little here) our Charcoal House USP activated charcoal capsules worked better than the ones he was purchasing elsewhere.  He too was using it for adult acne but the charcoal turned into so much more for him. You can read his amazing story of how he went from activated charcoal capsules for adult acne to majorly improving his kidney function with activated charcoal of course, not only internally but applying charcoal poultices as well. My Experience with Activated Charcoal
Using the activated charcoal topically is really excellent for your skin, but of course when you can do both oral and topically you really get the most benefit. Actually, I consider taking activated charcoal orally as an internal poultice. Activated charcoal poultices can actually pull toxins from deep tissue, thus applying a charcoal face mask is a good thing to do.  Charcoal taken internally does not break the blood brain barrier, however, after it is ingested and headed for the other end, it is much closer to your blood and internal organs in your trunk than if it were applied topically and thus as it makes it transit through your intestines it is acting as a poultice.
Also, another amazing thing about activated charcoal is the fact that once it has adsorbed a toxin, chemical, odor, etc., it will not let it go whether is it inside or outside your body, so you never have to worry that it will release the toxins as it makes it exit to the other end.  It takes extreme heat for activated charcoal to let go of what it is holding and we are talking like 700 degrees Celsius and more.

Thank you so much for sharing!

If you have any pics to share we would love to see them and share on our blog if you are willing.
Oh, and if you haven’t read Charcoal Remedies.com, The Complete Handbook On Medicinal Charcoal, I highly recommend it, you will find a lot of great info on activated charcoal and besides that, it is a fun read!
Take care, Kimberly
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