Q & A: On Removing Odors from Sofa

Removing Odor. Question:  Hi there, I sublet my apartment for a year and foolishly left my beautiful sofa behind.  I can easily replace the slipcover they ruined, but I am having a horrible time figuring out how to get the incense smell out of it.I primed and painted everything, and now the only thing left with the odor is the sofa. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Best, Lola Answer: Hi Lola, good thing you had a slip cover on your sofa! Pure Non-Scents® is what you need to get the odor out.  Each size comes with five empty sachets that you can fill and place on your couch, however, you […]

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New Product – Pure Non-Scents Heart Odor Sachet (Organic)

  A nontoxic heart filled with Pure NonScents® Activated Charcoal to indiscreetly remove offensive odors. Made with organic, color grown cotton that has been grown, manufactured, prewashed in non-chlorinated water and made with love, right here in the USA.  Love your space odor free? Then this heart’s for you! Made with pre-washed, organic color grown cotton (no dyes, no chemicals, soaps, think pure and scentless) grown and manufactured in the USA. We had the chemically sensitive in mind when making these, but know everyone will love them! Hang your nontoxic heart wherever there is a stinky, chemical, perfume, smoky, just downright nasty smells with a loving touch and no one […]

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Charcoal and Positron Emission Tomography Scan

For my PET scan the radioactive drug (tracer) was administered into my vein & then I was inverted feet up for an hour. Then after 60 minutes of being inverted, I was moved to the room where the CAT and PET scan machines were and I was slowly, inch by inch scanned for 45 minutes. I  have had cancer I have been through a couple PET scans before & way too many CAT scans with IV contrast and 32-ounce liquid contrast, that I have lost count.  I hate the whole process and I start to panic because I know that about an hour after the scans, I will have uncontrollable diarrhea […]

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