IBS Irritable bowel syndrome

Activated Charcoal for IBS

One of our webmasters emailed us sharing his experience in using Activated Charcoal for IBS.

Chris Comes Across an Article that can help his Friend’s Mother with IBS

Hey Charcoal Family,

I just had a crazy experience that I wanted to share.

One of my friends mentioned that his Mom was sick. She had been throwing up for 8 days and on the Sabbath, she was admitted to the ER. Their entire family was a bit distraught. They told me she was diagnosed with IBS on Sunday.

Taking Activated Charcoal Internally

Kimberly Detox Protocol 1024x768 - Activated Charcoal for IBS

I happened to be working on the website CharcoalRemedies.com and I ran into a couple articles on using charcoal for IBS. At first, I recommended they try taking charcoal internally, but… because I am not a doctor or a health professional, they were not so keen on taking my advice.

Using Activated Charcoal to Treat IBS Topically

Later on, I ran into a story where a woman (Georgia) put a poultice over her stomach for severe diarrhea and in her testimony, she claims it worked better than taking charcoal internally. Apparently, she had been taking up to 20 tablespoons a day to keep her diarrhea at bay. Then she finally made the poultice, which was quick and easy. Sleeping with it over night she was amazed that the next day her diarrhea was gone. With this in mind I quickly made a poultice and ran it over to my friend’s house. His mom put it on overnight, THANK GOD!

poultice video 1024x486 - Activated Charcoal for IBS
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I ran into her husband the next day, and he was overjoyed to tell me she felt so much better and was able to go to work for the first time in 8 days. I recall this poor lady looked so pale from a week of not being able to eat. For whatever reason the doctor said he was going to put her on morphine if she didn’t improve (I won’t even comment on that one). Needless to say she was so happy to be back to normal.

Anyway, had to tell somebody, so figured I’d write all of ya’ll, lol!

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3 thoughts on “Activated Charcoal for IBS

  1. Hello Greta,
    Sincere apologies for the lack in response, please feel free to Text or call us at 308-665-1566 should you ever need assistance in the future.

    Provided you are storing the charcoal in the jar with the lid on tight it will remain good indefinitely, Activated Charcoal does not expire. We are required to put a best by date on our products to abide by manufacturing regulations, however, it doesn’t expire or lose its potency as long as it is stored correctly.

    Regarding allergens that your daughter suffers from due to the cats, there are a couple of things you could get to assist her. Pure Non-scents will help tremendously with the cat odors and smells which might trigger her allergies. This is a granular product which will be far less messy to place around the home than a powder. Each container comes with 5 sachets to fill and hang about, extras are available for purchase should you need more and each one holds up to 8oz of the product. Secondly is our air vent filter fabric. It can be placed inside the vents of your home as well as used as a layer on your HVAC filter panel to filter out the dust, dander, hair, mites and odors from the home. This may greatly reduce the amounts of allergens in the home. Please keep in mind she could also benefit from taking the charcoal internally to assist with both the symptoms of IBS but also to help remove the pollutants, toxins, and poisons built up in her body. I have listed the products below for your convenience.

    I hope this helps,

  2. Hi, I have written before but never got an answer. My daughter has IBS so find this very interesting. I purchased Activated Charcoal from you many years ago – how long is it good for? I recently used it in containers in the hopes the charcoal would take out of the air the allergens caused by cats as my daughter is highly allergic to cats. I am not sure it worked? Anyway, then I had 3 containers of charcoal to dispose of as I did not know what to do with them. This morning i threw all the charcoal out in the garbage, at the same time getting a lot of charcoal on the floor, counter etc. Yikes.
    So how does one communicate with you if you do not respond to email questions? Sure hope I get something back. Greta

  3. I believe this is a great way to address IBS. Currently, I’m not crazy about the prescription medication being used because it’s like taking a bazooka to the bowels. Most doctors don’t even do a complete bowel work-up, including checking for food allergies (very common problem resulting in only constipation), improperly digested foods (especially meat protein), Pseudomonas and Candida infection (best diagnosed by culturing bowel biopsies)! Interestingly enough, charcoal can help the aforementioned issues seen. Because not all that is diagnosed as IBS is IBS. Sometimes it’s just a ton of stress that needs to be dealt with… like me. How did I solve my IBS issues? I quit. And charcoal helped a lot, too!

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