charcoal - Activated Charcoal for Gum Infections

Activated Charcoal for Gum Infections

Late last fall I started to notice decay on my canine teeth along the gum line. As an early teen, I was told by my dentist that I had soft teeth and I had to take care of them more diligently than the average bear, but I had become lax in regard to my beverages. I had been drinking kombucha a little too regularly and was quite certain it was the culprit. I immediately quit the kombucha and started researching on what to do for my gums.

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Vitamin C, Essential Oils, and Charcoal

From my research I discovered that I needed a high quality vitamin C and lots of it. I began a regime of 2,000 mg in the morning, mid-afternoon and in the evening before retiring.  After I drank my usual 2 tablespoons of our Detox and Cleanse Charcoal Powder and I rubbed my gums down with essential oils. I found in time this really helped, but the cavities that resulted from my negligence needed to be taken care of.

Thus, I made an appointment to have my small cavities filled. However, the dentist said that I needed a specialist that would cut my gums and pull them down, which did not sound like a good plan to me. Needless to say, I did not call the doctor that he recommended and I was back to researching. Thankfully, I found an amazing dental team in Denver, however, the COVID situation made it impossible to get in until July.

Swishing with Charcoal for Gum Health

I used to take my charcoal right after I brushed my teeth and I let the residue sit in my mouth overnight, knowing what little charcoal remained was good for my mouth. I would drink it back really fast, or sometimes with a straw so as not to get charcoal all over my pillows.  But now with the gum issue, I thought that I should swish it around in my mouth before swallowing, which for me, is about three gulps of a thick charcoal slurry and I made a point for it to stick on my gums and teeth. It’s true that I am a little frightening to look at in the morning, but just wait till you hear the results.

The vitamin C and the essential oils got my gums back in the pink and so I dropped my vitamin C dose to 4,000 mg per day and quit using the oils altogether. I continued to faithfully swish and swallow my 2 tablespoons of activated charcoal powder in a slight ¼ cup of warm water every night, which I do to this day.

A Charcoal Slurry A Day Keeps The Infection Away

On my first visit with the dental team in Denver I had full mouth x-rays. I saw a lot of white along my gum line and below and had a good feel about it. The dentist just stared at the x-rays and then turned to me and stated, “you have had really good dental work,” to which I replied, “why do you say that?”  “Well” he said with an element of surprise in his voice, “you have had a number of root canals and you have no infection whatsoever in your gums!”

Hmmm…….. it was not the good dental work, even though I do seek out quality dentists, because I have had abscesses and infections in my gums, and I would take care of them with, no surprise, activated charcoal (read my testimony where I had a doozy of an abscess here.)

So, the good doctor had a better solution than the oral surgery which, as his experience and expertise as a teaching dentist, he said was temporary at best.  A simple solution of basically sanding down the shallow cavities and coating them was a way better solution and did not even require anesthesia, which was music to my ears.

The main problem with root canals is that the dentist generally is not able get all the infection and therefore as it inevitably moves into the bloodstream it can cause a host of problems throughout the body

But along comes activated charcoal, known for pulling and holding toxins and poisons as it sits on your gums all night long and voila, no more gum infections!

Charcoal For Good Oral Care

Now I wish that I had been doing this all along, swishing my charcoal instead of drinking it back as quickly as I could, for it is likely I would have avoided the weakened gums and the cavities, but we all live and learn. In conclusion, after I shared with the dentist what I was doing, he told me to keep up with my good oral care.

Please note that we are not doctors of any sort and that I have only shared by personal experience with charcoal for root canals in hope that it may help someone else in a similar situation.

Shared by Kimberly Dinsley of Charcoal House LLC

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