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Get Skunked?

Check out these short testimonials on how activated charcoal helped relieve the stink from skunks around the home and with pets. Who knew it could be so easy!

Using Granular Activated Charcoal for Getting Rid of the Stink in or out of the Home

Kelly in Indiana writes:

“Last November, my dog Abby was sprayed by a skunk as he was rummaging through our back yard, like he normally does when we let him out to relieve himself. Needless to say, we were horrified with the idea that our house, our clothes, our dog, everything would smell like skunk for days maybe even weeks on end.

We immediately washed him, our clothes, our bodies, and even sprayed as much air freshener as possible in the house to get rid of the smell. The air freshener just masked the smell but didn’t get rid of it. That’s when my husband suggested we leave a plate of charcoal powder out for a few days to help absorb the smell.

The next day we noticed a difference and about a week later, the smell was completely GONE! I am totally confident now that activated charcoal is the only thing we need to truly neutralize the air; it’s strong enough to even absorb stinky skunk smells. I’m very impressed with the results we have gotten and will definitely use this product again.”

Kimberly’s Roadside Experience:

A Skunk was killed on the side of the highway by her home and the smell was over powering, follow the link to read the full story on how to rid the smell of skunk from outside the home.

Using Activated Coconut Charcoal to Get the Skunk off your Pets

If you have followed us here at Charcoal House for any span of time, then you should know about the adorably mischievous Annie… John and Kimberly adored Annie, she was part of the family and had an adventurous spirit. With her zest for life and adventure, eventually she got Skunked!

Annie found herself in the thick of a predicament. Luckily, her family knew exactly what to do. We’ve all heard about the different home remedies for getting this lingering smell off our pets, and mostly to the end result of no relief.

John and Kimberly weren’t about to mess around with this unpleasant smell; They placed Annie into a large blue bucket with water and mixed in an entire jar of activated charcoal powder. Next they made her sit and stay as she soaked in the bath for a good long while. The smells were adsorbed and after a nice shampooing she was back to normal wet dog aroma. If only everyone knew about this easy and effective Super Natural Remedy!  

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Annie Gets the Scrub Down
Annie.charcoal.bath  - Get Skunked?

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