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Tree Poisonings in New Mexico

The Malicious Act and the Innocent Victims

We received a call from a homeowner’s association in New Mexico. They had been the victim of a hate crime. Their neighborhood was attacked by someone that poured a heavy concentration of an unknown agricultural chemical onto the base of several neighborhood trees. This could have been an herbicide, pesticide, or any organic agricultural compound used to prevent growth or kill off unwanted plant life. Unfortunately the affected trees were dearly wanted and the owners were extremely upset at the possible loss of their trees.

What Could be Done?

We suggested Soil D-Tox be applied immediately to the base of the trees and out to the surrounding drip lines, where the circumference of the trees’ canopy ends. Another means of application we mentioned was root spiking, to help reverse and stop any reoccurring damage.

Charcoal House received calls from many homeowners who took creative and constructive measures in protecting the damaged trees. Various methods were taken to keep the trees from succumbing to the poison they were exposed to.

People were digging trenches and mixing the Soil D-Tox into the soil and then refilling the trench. This method created a barrier in which the chemicals were effectively stopped in their tracks. Other individual trees were given spike treatments. A spike was driven into the soil as close to the root system as possible then a slurry of Soil D-Tox was poured down the hole so that it would distribute around the roots providing chemical adsorption and root protection.

The Results After Charcoal Application

Heavy concentrations of Soil D-Tox were applied topically to the ground surrounding the trees. Then the ground was watered thoroughly so that the charcoal leached into the soil, taking the same path as the chemicals. The chemicals were neutralized upon contact with the charcoal. This was a truly grateful community with a lot of rescued trees. Some trees didn’t make it, however the majority did, and in a situation where all of them would have died without the use of the Charcoal House’s Soil Detox, the community was greatly relieved. The culprit of this crime was apprehended, and this particular New Mexico neighborhood remains beautiful and green.

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