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Activated Charcoal and Athletes

Athletes have to stay on top of their game at all times. Activated charcoal has amazing natural properties to keep everyone’s body working the way it was created to. Whether we are talking about an athlete’s diet or nutrition, training, or anything in between, it’s all considered in keeping them ready to compete.

Diet and Nutrition

Water purification

It is always essential to put the best into our bodies, there is no better substance to keep you hydrated than the purist water. Adding our Detox 1600 by the teaspoon to your water glass or bottle will allow the impurities to be adsorbed and you will gain other benefits from drinking the blackened water. Taking charcoal internally is an easy natural way to cleanse your body. It also reduces bloating, eases nausea and stomach upsets, reduces acid and gas, and aids in eliminating inflammation. Detox your water and your body the natural way.


Sprains and Muscle Soreness

A detox bath is a soothing approach to the overall recovery process. Just 20 minutes can speed recovery by drawing the toxins from your body. Therefore reducing pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles. Simply add a half a cup of Hardwood Charcoal Powder to a jar with a tight fitting lid and water, then give it a good shake. Next, pour the mixture into warm running bath water. Now set back and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. When you’re done scrub the charcoal off in the shower. Use a nice exfoliating scrub or loofah with your favorite body wash. You should feel renewed and replenished. Adding Epsom salts and essential oils is optional but also a nice touch.

Charcoal patches are a great way to treat an isolated problem area. Patches aid in the recovery of sore muscles and sprains. Charcoal House offers two types of patches. Both work in the same manner and both are infused with menthol. Menthol is great for added stimulation, which increases circulation to the affected area. Check the links for more information on The Black Power Patch and Black Ice Patches

Athletic Gear

Guards and Bands

Activated charcoal embedded fabric makes creating knee, elbow, and wrist guards a real thing. Sometimes we need a little something extra where equipment is concerned. Athletic guards and sleeves have almost become a staple in athletic equipment. With proper use they promote faster muscle recovery & increase blood circulation. They are ideal for those athletes who need a little more support.

Body and Odor Care

Let’s face it, athletes sweat, and with it comes a likely unpleasant odor. Luckily, we have a variety of options to help reduce a number of odor issues. Charcoal House has an all natural deodorant, it adsorbs body odor on contact and is powerful enough to keep it away all day. This product is carefully hand crafted in small batches. Now Available in a Convenient Stick!

Foot and gym bag odor is another stink to tackle! Activated Charcoal’s net negative charge, tiny pores, and immense surface area make it extremely adsorbent, which are ideal traits for attracting odors and locking them away. Shoes are no cheap investment for athletes. Keep them smelling fresh with our Pure-Nonscents Sachets or Desiccant Pouches. These products are great to throw in the gym bag or bottom of the laundry hamper between washes.

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