Using Charcoal and Charcoal soap for sores and stings - Charcoal and Charcoal soap for sores and stings

Charcoal and Charcoal soap for sores and stings

Laura, missionary in the Philippines  makes charcoal soap for her hubby’s skin sores…….
Sores: Experimenting with making charcoal soap! Can’t wait to try it after it cures.  My husband Bill is covered with sores that I think are heat-related (Kinda looks like Job charcoal soap for soreswith his shirt off!), and I want to use this on him.
Thank you again SO much!!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!
Hi Laura, very cool looking soaps that you made.
We love the charcoal soap too! 🙂  I had a very itchy and large bug bite on me this morning and as soon as I rubbed our charcoal soap on it, the itchiness stopped and as soon as I washed it off it was back again, so I quickly put more on till I was done and then after my shower I put on a charcoal patch over it and instant relief again.  🙂
Sorry to hear about Bill’s, Job like experience!  I had a major boil outbreak from head to toe from stress as well when I was a brand new driver at age 16 a few days after I had crashed my father’s car within 24 hours of getting my license…..sigh (my poor father!)  How I wish I knew about charcoal back then!  LOL
Have you thought of making a salve with half coconut oil and half charcoal? Or you can do two parts coconut oil to one part charcoal powder, or aloe vera gel works very nicely too.  Just smear all over the sores and then cover with a soft cloth and wrap.
Also, soaking in a tub of charcoal water will help as well.  One cup should be suffice. To add the charcoal, just fill a quart jar 1/3 full and then add your charcoal, cap tightly and then shake till well blended and then gently pour into the tub or, after the tub is filled add your charcoal powder carefully and slowly and let it sit for about ten to fifteen minutes and it will start to sink to the bottom. Once it is fully submerged then you can stir it and get in.
You can also make a charcoal patch if you have pysllium seed husk, this is really slick. Go to the videos and on the third row and it is the second one in.  You could try using slippery elm or bentonite clay, but I have found pysllium husk powder to work the best.
Thank you so much for taking of pic of your soaps and writing us, we always appreciate peoples testimonies so please keep us posted on Bill and any other stories that you would like to share.
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Take care and God bless!
If you have further questions, please let me know, I will be happy to help if I can.  🙂 Kimberly
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charcoal soap for sores
charcoal soap for sores

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