trees - Product Spotlight on "Charcoal Remedies Activated Charcoal Salve Stick"

Product Spotlight on “Charcoal Remedies Activated Charcoal Salve Stick”

From time to time we will share about one of our products and why our customers love it so much. Today  the product is our new “Charcoal Drawing Salve Stick“. All the same natural ingredients & usefulness of our best selling “Charcoal Drawing Salve” that you have come to love in a convenient and easy to use stick. Pure 100% natural, no preservatives, no GMO’s, no junk.

Now you can be ready to treat skin issues, stings, wounds, burns & more faster and easier. We created the stick so people could have it on them inconspicuously and apply it ASAP. I am pleased to share with you how our customers are using this great new product.

Customer testimonial: My family and I already love and use the Charcoal Drawing Salve daily, we literally use it for so much I keep it handy and my kids ask for it for everything from bug bites, a pimple, to a cut in their foot, the list could go on and on. The Salve will draw out Charcoal Drawing Salve Sticksplinters, stingers, glass, pimples, boils or whatever but it also is very soothing to skin, calming itch, stopping pain even cat scratches, sealing wounds, drying blemishes, and we even put it to the test of healing frostbite on toes last winter and each and every time the salve is amazing for what we use it for.

When I saw that Charcoal House had the Drawing Salve that we already love so much in a stick I knew we had to try it. The stick makes it easy to carry the Drawing Salve on the go, in my purse, backpack, lunchbox, diaper bag whatever, oh and speaking of diaper bag my friend very successfully used the Drawing Salve to heal a nasty yeast diaper rash in her young daughter.

With kids and living in the country scratches, bee and wasp stings, bug bites, spider bites, ant bites, rashes, poison ivy, bumps and bruises happen so from the first day the Stick arrived we were using it as normal and it works just as well as the drawing salve. I feel confident even using these products on my younger children because not only is it totally natural but it works. And kids know what works, mine ask for the Drawing Salve & now the Charcoal Drawing Salve Stick by name.

Living way out with woods around us we do get ticks and I discovered if I find a tick attached to one of my kids or myself just applying the drawing salve right over the tick and the tick will withdraw and then applying more on the site of the bite. What shocked me most was the tick pulls away from the charcoal and the faster applied the less itching and redness of the site, on some we had no itching at all after applying.

My Teenagers use the Stick to dab a bit on blackheads and pimples, to draw them out, dry them up sometimes within hours, they say it stops the pain and pressure within minutes.

We are now always whipping our sticks out for using and sharing with friends and telling everyone we know how great these two products are. Try it you will love having the power of Coconut Shell Charcoal in a convenient to use tin and now a stick too. These products are a Mom must have and you will find thousands of uses daily for you and your kids.

Thank you to Charcoal House for making great products I can trust and that work. I will be adding more testimonials soon that are great for families and children. I am happy to recommend these products to my Family, Friends & fans. Cheree of Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids


About Charcoal Times

While John and I lived in Nova Scotia, Canada, he wrote the book Charcoal The Complete Handbook Of Medicinal Charcoal.

We had no idea how the book would change our lives.

We now have a business dedicated to activated charcoal, for health, water, air, gardens, farms, pets and livestock. The purpose of this blog is share the amazing and numerous uses of activated charcoal.

We dedicate this blog to all our wonderful and courageous customers, that were willing to try the ‘black sheep’ of natural remedies, and share their amazing charcoal testimonies and stories with us, that soon you will be able to enjoy and be encourage.

Kimberly & John Dinsley

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