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Activated Charcoal for Cold Sores? How?

Using Activated Charcoal for Cold Sores.

Cold Sores Question:

I’m writing to you because I had read somewhere about activated charcoal being useful against cold sores, amongst other things. I have taken powdered charcoal for years, internally, when I feel poorly or have eaten out at a restaurant and have been unsure how ‘healthy’ the food was. However, I’ve been without cold sores for many years so I’ve never used it for this.

I have a rather big cold sore just come up yesterday and I have to be on camera for a presentation, this Thursday. Previously with cold sores, I have used neat lavender essential oil to dry and reduce the sores more rapidly than using the Zovirax cream. So, yesterday I applied a poultice of activated charcoal with lavender oil and left it for about 8 hours. I have just taken it off to look and it is, in fact much more swollen and certainly progressing toward an eruption.

Was this the incorrect thing to do? What would you suggest? Your soonest help would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards, Miranda

Answer 1:

Hello Miranda

Thank you for contacting us.

Years ago we had the experience below. If I am recalling right the sores were erupted. They were inside and outside the mouth. This was a severe chronic condition. The charcoal/flax or psyllium recipe can be found here.
You may want to try the charcoal patch recipe.

Always nice to take before and after pictures for “proof”.

Let us know how your experiment worked.

I recommend you not mix it with any other medicinals.


John Dinsley

Answer 2: 

Pauline’s son Michael has had chronic cold sores around his mouth for years which have taken him to the hospital. When we visited Pauline to apply a charcoal poultice over her recent knee surgery, she asked if it would work for cold sores. Well how surprised I was that her 21yr old son was willing to try some of the left over charcoal/flax gel we had made for the poultice. He applied the charcoal/flax jelly overnight and it cleared up immediately. Everyone was amazed and a believer.
Nova Scotia, Canada
April 2005

Activated Charcoal for Cold Sores How 1024x343 - Activated Charcoal for Cold Sores? How?

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