man fall - Taking Activated Charcoal and taking Probiotics

Taking Activated Charcoal and taking Probiotics

Taking Activated Charcoal and taking Probiotics…..

Probiotics Question:

Does activated charcoal absorb the good bacteria in your intestines? We take daily probiotics and are wondering if when we take AC if it is flushing out the good bacteria as well or if we need to double up on our probiotics when taking AC.  Thank you, Alisha



Hello Alisha
Thank you for contacting us.

It is clear that activated charcoal does bind certain bacteria such as some E Coli, but in most cases it is the toxins the bacteria produce that is being adsorbed. Does it bind friendly bacteria? I cannot say positively yes or no. but enough research has been done to show that animals given activated charcoal on a daily basis have improved digestion, some live up to 34% longer, cows produce more milk, chickens more eggs…
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My wife, Kimberly, takes probiotics at mealtimes and charcoal later in the day, and has not noticed any probiotics

But, there is evidence that charcoal and dairy products do compete with each other as far as adsorption of toxins is concerned, when taken at the same time. So the rule is to take them at least 2 hours apart. I do not see any advantage in doubling your intake.

I think that covers your question as I see it.
John Dinsley

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