Teeth Whitening: Brushing with Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal for Teeth Whitening. Question: I want to try brushing my teeth with activated charcoal as I’ve heard that it’s good for teeth whitening. Would you advise getting powder or granules? Sincerely, Ann Answer: Hi Ann. You want the activated charcoal powder, the granules would be abrasive.  You can use any of the food grade charcoal powders or break open a capsule & add to wet toothbrush or with your toothpaste & brush as you would normally. We also sell varying activated charcoal oral care products on our website. Thank you, Kimberly I got to wondering about all the things that activated charcoal could possibly do, and decided to do an […]

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Question: is your charcoal toothpaste safe for pregnancy? (And DIY recipe)

Charcoal question answered. Q: Hello- is your charcoal toothpaste safe for pregnancy? I’m 10 weeks pregnant and really would like to use a charcoal toothpaste for teeth whitening….is the one you sell safe for pregnancy? Or do you have any other recommendations?  Thanks so much. Kindest Regards, Vanessa A: Hi Vanessa, congratulations on your pregnancy. 🙂 Yes, activated charcoal is safe to use for pregnancy as seen here. You can also make your own, which just two or three ingredients, it doesn’t get much safer than that. Go to this link and then scroll down till you see ‘Natural Teeth Whitener & Toothpaste Recipe‘ Also check out our other blog posts Activated Charcoal for […]

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