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Art That Doesn’t Stink

Can Activated Charcoal Remove Musty Smell From Important Things?

Jane has various works of art that she has traveled with across the nation. Overtime they have taken on a musty/moldy smell. While the artwork is not compromised by mold growth visibly, she is concerned with the smell and wanted to find something to mitigate it properly.

Mess Free Activated Charcoal

Jane found us while doing a google search and wrote us to ask what we suggest; we were happy to tell her that we carry a handy little product called Charcoal Desiccants. This is a product from our popular Pure Non-Scents line up, which contains products from bulk granular to air purifying masks and other total odor control products. Charcoal Desiccants are unscented, prefilled adsorbent packs used to remove odors, VOCs, and naturally antibacterial and antifungal.

For another mess free option check out this blog on our organic sachets.

Simply place them anywhere you need to keep things smelling fresh and looking clean. Storage totes, file cabinets, dresser drawers, shoes, antique cabinets and so much more. Yep, its that easy.

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