FB Testimonial Surgical - Can Activated Charcoal Be Used To Help Close Suture Wounds?

Can Activated Charcoal Be Used To Help Close Suture Wounds?

Using Activated Charcoal Drawing Cream For Surgical Sites

A long term customer wrote us one day to find out when one of her favorite products was going to be back in stock, our Activated Charcoal Drawing Cream. She was able to place her order that day but also asked us, “What can I do to help with closing of a surgical site done about 6 years ago?”

Local Vet Uses Activated Charcoal Drawing Cream For Surgical Site

It just so happened the product she was wanting was exactly what she needed. For the surgical site, one could use the drawing cream. Once liberally applied, cover it up with a damp organic cheese cloth, or something similar, and then wrap it up so it will stay on all night.

We have a local vet that uses it every time she sutures an animal, she says the wounds heal so beautifully with this cream.

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