Activated Charcoal for Sunburns - Activated Charcoal for Sunburns

Activated Charcoal for Sunburns

Jeanie from Charcoal House reported to work on Monday after spending the weekend on the ranch branding her family’s Cattle out in the sun. Her arms were sun-burnt and tender to the touch after a long day’s work, not to mention physically exhausted from checking the cattle over during the process of branding. Coming inside for the day and longing for relief, it dawned on her, since activated charcoal is used for many first aid applications, such as burns and wounds of various types, why not use it for her sunburn…. But how?

Activated Charcoal Soak

Being that her whole body was fatigued, Jeanie figured it made the most sense to do a Charcoal Bath. She placed about 1 1/2 Cups of Charcoal House’s Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder, into a glass jar with some water and with a tight fitting lid shook it until combined.

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Next, with the bath water running, she incorporated the slurry into the water, which mixed nicely on it’s own. Once the water got to her desired soaking level she slipped in and soaked for a total of 45 minutes.

Jeanie’s Results

She was amazed by the pulling sensation of the Charcoal as it actively pulled the heat of the sunburn out and the aches seemed to melt away. Her sunburn was visibly less red the following morning and no longer hot to the touch. She also recovered from the physical exertion in a matter of 3 days, a great improvement in comparison to the week or more it typically takes her to recover from branding each year.

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4 thoughts on “Activated Charcoal for Sunburns

  1. Yes! It will help with drawing the toxins and poisons from deep tissue allowing the irritation to subside and facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself. Our charcoal Salve Stick is also a great remedy for right after encountering poison ivy, bites, and stings, here is the article on that Also Check out our blog on using a charcoal bath for an allergic reaction to shampoo. The skin was obviously irritated from an outside irritant. In just one soak, and by taking some charcoal internally the reaction was stopped and in less than 24hrs there was virtually no sign that it had occurred.

  2. I love activated charcoal, but this story should be deleted immediately.
    With what mechanism is activated charcoal helping with a sunburn? AC adsorbs chemicals, it does not “suck heat” out of anything… The human body responds to too much sun by sending immune cells to repair DNA damage. There’s nothing there on your skin that you would want AC to adsorb anyways (no chemicals, no bacteria etc), just let the human body repair itself. Moisturize if you’d like…

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