Salve for Shingles David - Activated Charcoal Salve for Shingles

Activated Charcoal Salve for Shingles

Health SalveStick Medium02 - Activated Charcoal Salve for Shingles

“I am AMAZED by how it has diminished the healing time for my shingle!”

Robin 2020

Robin excitedly wrote in to tell us of her latest charcoal testimony. Periodically she has shingle outbreaks and until recently she was unaware of what an amazing natural remedy activated charcoal is. Her last shingle flare up was in March of 2018 and it took a total of 6 weeks to fully heal and the pain was tremendous. (See pictures below)

This time when Robin got a shingle, she decided to take quick action. She placed our Charcoal Salve Stick all over the affected area and covered it with a band-aid. Putting the salve directly on the shingle got a little messy so on her next application she coated the pad of the band-aid with a thick layer of the charcoal salve and then put it directly over the shingle which was both very effective and much neater.

In just three days the pain and inflammation were greatly reduced and by day seven, she was almost pain free. At this rate Robin is expecting full recovery in three weeks instead of the usual six, “Thank you, Devon and Charcoal House!”

“I am AMAZED by how it has diminished the healing time for my shingle, thank goodness for your product!”

Robin 2020

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