Charcoal First Campaign - Charcoal Salve Stick for Life's Little Emergencies

Charcoal Salve Stick for Life’s Little Emergencies

Activated Charcoal, it Removes the Sting out of Stings

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Jordan was having a fun Summer day with Grandma at the pool when suddenly she and a couple of friends got stung by an elusive bug! Without knowing what it was she ran to Grandma for aid.

Luckily, Grandma had Charcoal House’s Charcoal Salve Stick in her purse and generously used it on the sore, swollen bites. Soon, the whistle blew and they jumped back into the water. Amazingly, the charcoal salve stayed in place while they swam the day away.

“When we think of “Nature”, the picture that comes to mind is often colored by our experiences. It might be beautiful scenery, peaceful retreats, exciting adventures, and intriguing mysteries. Or…. it may be spiders, wasps, bees, hornets, ants, scorpions, snakes, and poison ivy.

So often childhood memories of being out in the country are “bitten” with painful recollections. But they need not end on a sad note. Charcoal is ready to take the sting out of our painful experiences, IF we have it ready at hand.”

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Getting ready for bed that night Grandma checked in with the other two parents, who shared with her that when they removed the charcoal salve there was no sign of skin irritation, it was as if the bite had never happened. Click here to read more testimonials on activated charcoal for many types of bites and stings

Charcoal Salve, Safe for People and Pets

I was adventurous one day in taking my two dogs and the neighbor’s to the lake for a nice swim. Meet the gang, Isabel, Sadie, Roxie, and Otis… 2 large Labs, a Labrador puppy and a Saint Bernard, all crammed into a pickup bouncing down the road.

All four dogs, bounded out of the truck and into the water. One minute into the plunge and out comes Rox with a fishing lure stuck in the flesh of her chest. OUCH! With a pair of needle nose pliers I yanked and off she happily ran. They played for about an hour then we loaded back up for home.

Pulling into the driveway I felt a tickle on my arm, which had been resting on Otis. A tick was making its’ way to a new location, me! Suddenly I realized I needed to comb through all of them, it was a massive tick search. I grabbed my salve stick out of my backpack and after every time I removed a tick, I spread the fur and slathered the charcoal salve stick where the tick had bitten. With the fur covering up the tick bites, the charcoal salve wasn’t even noticeable or messy. Rox of course got some extra salve on her chest from where she caught the lure, and everyone healed beautifully.

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Charcoal for Poison Ivy Relief

Another painful experience for many people is contact with poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, or some other poisonous plant. Check out this article on obtaining relief from these pesky plants using activated charcoal.

“This Charcoal Salve Stick is something I never leave home without, especially come summer time and tick season. It is so powerful and soothing yet gentle enough to be used universally between pets and people.”

– Devon Stetson-Parkins

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