Activated Charcoal and Athletes

Athletes have to stay on top of their game at all times. Activated charcoal has amazing natural properties to keep everyone’s body working the way it was created to. Whether we are talking about an athlete’s diet or nutrition, training, or anything in between, it’s all considered in keeping them ready to compete. Diet and Nutrition Water purification It is always essential to put the best into our bodies, there is no better substance to keep you hydrated than the purist water. Adding our Detox 1600 by the teaspoon to your water glass or bottle will allow the impurities to be adsorbed and you will gain other benefits from drinking […]

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New Product – Pure Non-Scents Heart Odor Sachet (Organic)

  A nontoxic heart filled with Pure NonScents® Activated Charcoal to indiscreetly remove offensive odors. Made with organic, color grown cotton that has been grown, manufactured, prewashed in non-chlorinated water and made with love, right here in the USA.  Love your space odor free? Then this heart’s for you! Made with pre-washed, organic color grown cotton (no dyes, no chemicals, soaps, think pure and scentless) grown and manufactured in the USA. We had the chemically sensitive in mind when making these, but know everyone will love them! Hang your nontoxic heart wherever there is a stinky, chemical, perfume, smoky, just downright nasty smells with a loving touch and no one […]

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