What Happened to My Pail?

Did a truck run over my charcoal pail?

What Happened?
My pail of charcoal is damaged but not the package it came in.

OK, it is that time of the year again when the weather outside gets frightful and the UPS trucks inside are NOT delightful! In other words, you might have ordered a pail of activated charcoal from us that we shipped you in a shiny, new strong plastic pail and it arrives looking like a truck ran over it! Thankfully a truck did not as you can see the box it came in is totally intact and you wonder about the folks at Charcoal House that would send you a dented pail!!!
No, we did not send you a dented pail and I asked Danny if he would kindly what happened pail 02 225x300 - Did a truck run over my charcoal pail?explain the science that is going on with the pails, to give you insight just in case this happens to you.

Activated charcoal will pull all the air from inside the sealed bucket into itself.

‘Activated carbon will adsorb oxygen and nitrogen out of its surrounding environment causing the buckets to implode. This shows just how strong our activated charcoal is! The walls and lid of the bucket are too thick for the charcoal to pull air through or push air out. However, activated charcoal will pull all the air from inside the sealed bucket into itself. Oxygen and nitrogen are very light elements and the charcoal will adsorb them readily, but if the charcoal comes into contact with a heavier element or something more toxic, it will release the oxygen in favor of the heavier element.

This usually occurs when the charcoal is exposed to extreme cold, but it also occurs in pressurized or non-pressurized environments like the belly of a UPS truck or holding facility, or FED EX for international shipments.

Please note that it is perfectly safe to open your pail, it generally will relax to its shape after being opened and sitting in a warm home. Please give me a call at if you have any further questions I can assist you with.’

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