Activated Charcoal for Hemorrhoid Discomfort

Hemorrhoids Discomfort

Hi there
I recently found your site and I would like to know how to help a problem with gas in the lower stomach. I week ago I had a relatively new form of hemorrhoidal surgery and after was taking both green juice and water
Melon juice not to get constipated but I am now suffering from terrible gas
I have some capsules with me (activated charcoal) but is it usual to take charcoal for this ?
I will also phone you and have you advice on  which of the charcoal to buy from you and buy your bookhemorrhoid little man 891x1024 - Activated Charcoal for Hemorrhoid Discomfort
Do you ship to Barbados also?
thank you
Patricia (Patti)

Hello Patti.

For the hemorrhoids discomfort, I would recommend making a suppository of activated charcoal and coconut oil.  This will bring almost instant relief, it is so soothing and healing for hemorrhoids and any kind of rectum discomfort.

You just mix one part activated charcoal to one part of coconut oil (I prefer organic) and then fill a rectal applicator with the charcoal mixture or else you can purchase molds online and fill the molds. To get the mixture to set quickly, put it in fridge and then when solid, insert it in the rectum.  If you cannot find a rectal applicator, then I suggest that you look for the thinnest tampons that you can find and buy those and toss out the tampon and use the vaginal plastic tube as your rectal applicator.

You can take the charcoal orally as well, but being that you are concerned about constipation, you could take the charcoal with good dose of olive oil, but just taking the charcoal with water might constipate you and you do not need that right now. Also please note when taking the activated charcoal orally it does not discriminate between poisons so if you are on any meds, it would most likely adsorb them and cause them to be ineffective.

For making the suppositories and making charcoal poultices to place over your abdomen, I would recommend the hardwood activated charcoal powder.  The Charcoal Remedies book - Activated Charcoal for Hemorrhoid Discomfortpoultices and the suppositories may very well be all you need without having to take the charcoal internally.

I also highly recommend that you get the book Charcoal, The Complete Book of Medicinal Charcoal, it is not only an excellent resource but also a fun read. 

We can ship to Barbados, but you would have to place your order over the phone and pay via PayPal only.  You do not need a PayPal account, we would just send you the PayPal invoice and you can pay it with your credit card. (contact us info is on our website at the bottom,

Let me know if this has been helpful. I wish you the best of health.


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