jump - Q & A: Charcoal Remedies Amazing Hemorrhoid Relief Recipe

Q & A: Charcoal Remedies Amazing Hemorrhoid Relief Recipe


I have purchased …freedhem…for hemorrhoid treatment in the past and found it quickly effective. Now I cannot find it anyplace for sale. Please help asap. Mary


Hi Mary, FreeDhem is no longer available, it no longer being manufactured, long story…..
Anyway, there is hope!
  and follow the recipe below:
Charcoal Remedies Amazing Hemorrhoid Relief Recipe
You will need:
Activated charcoal powder (a favorite for this application is the Coconut Ultra Fine )
Coconut oil (refferal link & we recommend organic)
rectal applicator or very thin plastic applicator from a tampon
Mix 1 part charcoal to 2 part coconut oil (you can do half and half if you want more charcoal)
blend well, then carefully put into applicator.  Put applicator into fridge until the coconut oil has hardened.
Once the oil is in a solid, firm state then insert the mixture into the rectum.  You should find swift relief. It was the activated charcoal that worked in the FreeDhem.
Let me know how it worked for you! Kind regards, Kimberly
Kind regards, Kimberly
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