charcoal for chemo radiation 1 - Does Charcoal Work for Radiation and Chemo?

Does Charcoal Work for Radiation and Chemo?

chemo radiation - Does Charcoal Work for Radiation and Chemo?

A dear mother of a young woman with a glioblastoma tumor in her frontal lobe, called this past summer wondering if charcoal would be helpful in counteracting the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

To date, in less than two years, her daughter had undergone two surgeries. The glioblastoma, being the most aggressive brain cancer, the doctors had

charcoal for chemo radiation - Does Charcoal Work for Radiation and Chemo?

determined that both chemotherapy and radiation at the same time was needed to control the growth of the tumor after her last surgery.

The mother understandably was quite concerned about the effects of the radiation as well as the chemotherapy and asked if the charcoal would be helpful in mitigating the negative side effects of these powerful cancer treatments.

My answer was simply, “Yes, activated charcoal can be extremely helpful if you are willing to put in the time and effort.”

Because her daughter was on medications they did not want to take the charcoal orally, however, they were very open to using it topically.

The mother and daughter’s plan was to apply the treatment the very day after the daughter had her first cancer treatments, but how? Charcoal is so messy, how can we apply it to her head? Is it really worth it? These were the questions that were spilling out of this concerned mother.

YES, charcoal can be messy, at least starting out till you get the hang of it, but it is so WORTH IT, please read on.

First, I shared with her the testimony of the man who had a brain tumor that the doctors were not willing to operate on, as it was unlikely that he would survive the surgery. He had excruciating headaches and was understandably quite beside himself. One day his good friends, an elderly married couple, asked him if he would be willing to try a charcoal poultice over his tumor and he said, “yes, of course, I will try anything!”

The wife of the couple made up a large moist charcoal poultice and placed it from his chin to where it wrapped along the side of his head to the base of his neck. They also taught him how to make his own charcoal poultices so that he could do this himself. He was to do this every night and leave it on while he slept and if he wanted to, after letting the head dry a couple hours, he could put another one on in the daytime as well.

In two weeks his headaches were almost gone. In three months after applying the charcoal poultices, he had an MRI and it clearly showed that the tumor was SHRINKING! He continued with the charcoal poultices and another three months went by and a new MRI showed that the tumor was almost gone!! The doctors were as happy as their patient! 🙂

Hearing this testimony, the mother now seemed more hopeful that the charcoal could possibly counteract the negative side effects of the radiation and chemotherapy.

The only real set back was that her daughter had thick hair and lots of it. How, she wondered, would the charcoal poultice work through such thick hair?

It is actually pretty easy, but here is where it can get messy.

The mother also wanted the very best activated charcoal, so she settled on the DETOX 1600, which is also a USP grade, very pure with a very high activity index.

I explained how to make a charcoal gel out of the charcoal powder and coconut oil or any quality oil of your choice. I prefer the coconut oil because it washes out of the hair more easily than olive or sunflower oil.

Being that the tumor was so close to her daughter’s eyes, it was important to treat them as well. She needed a charcoal poultice over the eyes also. For the sake of ease, I showed her the eye pad, with the refill, so she purchased one of those to be a part of the charcoal remedy.

Thankfully the Detox 1600 and the eye pad arrived the same day as her daughter’s first chemotherapy and radiation treatment. They mixed up the gel with the coconut oil and liberally applied it. Then they wrapped it up with ‘Press And Seal‘ plastic food wrap and then covered with a hat of some sort.*

What a mess! The charcoal oil ran down her face and got on the pillows. But, they were convinced that it was helping so they did not give up! Then the mother eventually called me and told me what was happening. I suggested that they switch over to aloe vera gel instead, of which they did and this worked much, much better. Please see this video on mixing charcoal and aloe vera gel. Even though the video says charcoal for skin care, this is the same ratio you will use for applying to the scalp.

They applied the charcoal gel quite generously – just like you would if you were coloring your hair (which I hope you do not do as hair coloring is a very, very toxic!) Just as a tip, if you do use the aloe vera gel and it is somewhat dry in the morning, on your next application, add a little bit of coconut oil which will help to keep it moist till morning. Remember, when charcoal is moist, it has more drawing power.

So this went on for several weeks and then when she had called to place another order, I asked how her daughter was doing. She happily reported that she was doing very well and the medical staff, were very encouraged, happy and a bit surprised to see just how well she was doing.

Here is the amazing part, her daughter did not have even one negative adverse side effect from the radiation or the chemotherapy! No fatigue, hair loss, no nausea or diarrhea!

In fact, she went on to say that one night they decided that they would take a break from doing the charcoal treatment. Who could blame them?? It is a lot of work for Mom and a lot of stress for her daughter, and at first, it can affect your sleeping, as you are not used to having all that ‘stuff’ on your head and eyes.

Well, guess what? In the morning her daughter said, “I am never going to do that again!” What did she mean by that? She meant that just by skipping one night, she could clearly feel the difference from not doing the charcoal treatment. She did not feel as good as she did when she had the charcoal gel and the eye mask on all night.

Not one adverse side effect from radiation or chemotherapy.

Was it worth it? You answer that.

At this time the dear young woman is still undergoing the cancer treatments and will for some time, but not as often and she is still doing well and she is beating the odds of her original diagnoses. I am sure that she and her mother would appreciate your prayers – truly the science of charcoal and the prayer of faith make a powerful remedy!

*If you are allergic or prefer not to use plastic, you can also use a Natural wax paper that is available at most natural food stores or Amazon


Please note that we are not doctors and what we have shared is just someone’s testimony on how charcoal is working for them. Every person’s experience is different. When taking charcoal internally, with a known health condition and you are on drugs, please consult with your healthcare professional first. It is also recommended to ask your pharmacist as well.

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