daisy summer 1060x444 - Charcoal Stories: For Poisoning, Heavy Metal, Detox, More

Charcoal Stories: For Poisoning, Heavy Metal, Detox, More

Activated Charcoal Stories

Charcoal stories: If you are like me you want to hear real life stories from real people on using products. Today I will be sharing with you stories from people just like you on using activated charcoal to treat Dog Bites, Poisonous Insect Bites, New Carpet Odor, Skunk Smell, Clorox Poisoning, For UTI’s, Heavy Metal Toxicity, A Large Breast Tumor, Stomach Pains and More!

Activated Charcoal, real stories, your stories.

Here is just one stories you will find at the below link:

Chili Peppers

Even though I have had many charcoal stories to contribute, I thought this would be a valuable one for all the moms of young children. As I was in the kitchen Chili.peppers.20774267 150x150 - Charcoal Stories: For Poisoning, Heavy Metal, Detox, Morepreparing lunch, my two youngest were outside playing with the pet chickens. I heard giggling and thought, “hum..wonder if they are in to mischief?” While investigating, I discovered they were picking chiles off the chile plant and trying to see if the chickens would peck them, eat them and how the chickens would react. I told them not to pick chilis and gave them a warning about doing it in the future. Unfortunately, they were going to learn the hard way.

Click here to read what happened and how this mom used Activated Charcoal Poultice. Plus read the other stories mentioned above & more.

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