tattoo - Activated Charcoal for Removing Tattoos? Effective? How?

Activated Charcoal for Removing Tattoos? Effective? How?

Activated Charcoal for Removing Tattoos?

Tattoos & Charcoal Question:

How to use activated charcoal for removing tattoos?

Will activated charcoal remove tattoos?

What kind of activated charcoal is best for removing tattoos?

I have activated charcoal tablets. I have also heard that salicylic acid helps. Maybe the combination? I would like to get rid of one tattoo because it is not clear and it is showing wrinkles now. I have had it for 5 years.


Hi Nicole.

What you really need is the hardwood activated charcoal powder and make it into a poultice and apply every single night before going to bed. The charcoal tablets will not work and no need for the salicylic

The reason that we recommend that you use the hardwood powder over the other charcoal powders we sell is it is ideal for removing large color molecules. This will not happen overnight or in a week or two, but with serious applications on nightly basis and even applying an activated charcoal cream or a salve during the day, you should see your tattoo slowly disappear without pain, toxins or damage to your skin.

Activated charcoal will not cause any pain during this process.

Please keep me posted and take pictures!

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Video on how to make an activated charcoal poultice

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