Adsorb germs viruses from body with charcoal - Can charcoal adsorb germs & viruses in the body?

Can charcoal adsorb germs & viruses in the body?


Germs and viruses in the body.

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Question: Could charcoal adsorb germs and viruses from the body system? – Ekharo

Answers: Activated charcoal is antiviral and antibacterial (& antifungal). Many use activated charcoal for this use.
Adsorb viruses & bacteria from body activated charcoal

Charcoal is antibacterial, not so much in the sense that it kills bacteria as antibiotics do, but in the sense that those bacteria that destroy tissue do not grow well in the presence of charcoal. Also, the charcoal neutralizes the toxins the bacteria produce that break down the cell structure, plant or animal.
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Charcoal – antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral.
Charcoal is a powerful antimicrobial. It adsorbs numerous toxins produced by microbes that trigger a host of disease reactions. Charcoal adsorbs E. coli and the E. coli endotoxin, as well as the toxins produced by Tetanus, Diptheria, and Hoof and Mouth…
You can read more on this subject in this short article on what the World Health Organization has to say about antibiotics.  Follow the link below to our info stie:,  and scroll down to:
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